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Hi my name is Willem, I'm traveling as a digital nomad in Australia.After an impressive snorkeling session on the reef with a marine biologist from James Cook it became very clear to me that I want to help to do something before my current Visa runs out and I have to go back home to The Netherlands.I'm not a biologist, my background is in Programming and Electrical Engineering.I can help with building scripts and software to gather data, do big data analysis, vision recognition, etc.Or webapps to structure your research data.On the electrical side, I can help with sensor networks, building sensor nodes, designing PCB's, programming microcontrollers, etc.

It touched my heart when I read in the news a desparate 9M proposal to pump in cold water in the reef.Also during the snorkeling it was shocking to see the bleached coral Johanna showed me.My Engineering head is spinning, what can I do with my skillset.

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Townsville / Heron Island