Volunteer Details: 

Hi, I'm Brenton. I'm in my third year of my Bachelor of Science, with a major in Marine Science.

I'm interested in many fields of biological research including ecology, zoology, physiology, behaviour and more.

I have previously volunteered with data collection for first year practicals and last year I volunteered for a few weeks for Nicholas Wu in Craig Franklin's Lab. 

I'm on campus five days a week but have lots of free time in my timetable and would be able to volunteer then, as well as on weekends. 

I have previously completed Marine Science (MARS2014), Biostatistics & Experimental Design (BIOL2006), Ecology (BIOL2010), Ecology Field Studies (BIOL2015), Evolution (BIOL2201), Plant Biology (BIOL2203), Zoology (BIOL2204) and Palaeobiology (ERTH2002). 

I'm currently studying Marine Invertebrates (BIOL3211), Fish, Fisheries and Aquaculture (BIOL3340) and Animal Behaviour (BIOL3207). 

I also have my Open Water Diver as well as a boat licence which may be helpful for field work. 


Contact Name: 
Brenton Bodley
Volunteer Location: 
The University of Queensland and South East Queensland