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My research interests are focused on how to improve the ecological and social outcomes from reforestation of degraded land in the tropics. My background is in both ecology (BSc, PhD) and business (GradDipAcc, MCom) and most of my research is multidisciplinary. The overarching aim of my research has been to understand the factors that influence the biophysical and socio-economic performance of small-scale reforestation systems with an objective to improving these systems, particularly in respect to smallholder and community forestry in tropical developing countries. My research has a strong applied research and policy focus and is directed at informing evidence-based changes to practice and for policy development and implementation. In particular I am interested in the design of reforestation systems at a watershed scale and the impacts that these have on ecological processes such as nutrient cycling, carbon dynamics, soil properties and hydrology. I have a particular interest in the design of mixed-species reforestation systems to jointly provide social and ecological benefits to local communities.