Full Project Title: 
Combining empirical assessments of connectivity among coral reefs species and incorporating connectivity into management planning
Project Summary: 

Coral reef ecosystems are imperilled world-wide. Identifying and protecting key reef areas will be critical for long-term persistence of tropical marine biodiversity. However, existing theories and tools for reserve designs do not incorporate information about how marine larvae move among reefs. We are evaluating this connectivity for coral reef species in the Coral Triangle and Great Barrier Reef using both physical (oceanographic) and genetic methods. Novel metrics, incorporating these connectivity estimates, will be developed and tested. We will use these metrics to predict the impact of climate change on connections among reefs to prioritise reef conservation.

Funding Sources: 

This project is funded through an ARC Discovery Grant (DP0878306 - Coral reef connectivity: an empirical and theoretical synthesis).

  • Project Collaborators

    Dr Cynthia Riginosc.riginos@uq.edu.au 

    School of Biological Sciences
    The University of Queensland

    Prof Hugh Possinghamh.possingham@uq.edu.au 

    Director ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions & NERP Environmental Decision Hub
    The University of Queensland

    Dr Eric Treml, e.treml@uq.edu.au

    Dr Maria Begerm.beger@uq.edu.au 

  • Postgraduate Students
  • Publications

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