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I am currently in my third and final year, studying BSc Environmental Management at the University of Reading. While at University, I have developed a strong interest into many aspects of my course and in particular marine biology and conservation. Although my course is primarily land based, I have engaged in modules such as 'Landscape and Ecosystem Management', 'Biogeography and Conservation' and 'Nature Conservation' which have all given me an insight into real world problems and have enabled me to build on my interest into the environment. Since an early age, I have always loved swimming and snorkelling among coral reefs and watching many nature programmes, where my interest into marine environments blossomed significantly. Now after almost completing my degree, it would be great to get some more valuable work experience which I'm sure I would enjoy and appreciate thoroughly.

I am ideally looking for a 1-6 month placement where I can lend a hand in one of the many fantastic research projects that takes place along the west coast of Australia. As I am still studying, it would be great for the placement to take place at some point from August 2018 - August 2019, as I will be treating this as a GAP year, where I build on my practical and work experience and also travel other parts of the world.

I have such an attraction to the west coast of Australia, simply due to its natural beauty. After reading a lot of news stories, and watching nature programmes, I understand the Great Barrier Reef is under a lot of stress, especially after back to back years of coral bleaching. In my opinion, the reef is one of the most wonderful and important places on Earth, and must be protected at all costs. If I had the chance to even visit the reef it would be an amazing experience, but to work on conserving it would be truly magical and very rewarding.

I am a qualified PADI scuba diver, which I hope to soon extend to a PADI open water diver. I’m hard-working, enthusiastic and I know my passion for the subject would be obvious to those I support during any activities.

It would be great to hear from anyone that I could be of potential help to, and I’m not particularly fussed with what the volunteering would involve, as I’m sure the experience would be invaluable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me and my resume is available upon request. 

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David Boote
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West Coast of Australia / Great Barrier Reef