Full Project Title: 
Gondwana Link Project
Project Summary: 

Gondwana Link is a landscape-scale conservation project in the ecologically significant south west corner of Western Australia. The aim of the Gondwana Link project is to reconnect fragmented ecosystems, and to protect, restore and maintain the fundamental ecological processes that underpin these ecosystems. While elements of the Gondwana Link project are occurring elsewhere in Australia (collectively they are often referred to as biolinks), it is rare for such a range of activities to be undertaken concurrently in an integrated fashion over such a large area. Gondwana Link represents an outstanding example of a landscape-scale conservation project in Australia, and the project is recognised locally and internationally for its grand vision, integrated approach, and focus on ecological resilience. It therefore provides a unique test bed to facilitate the research and development of conservation theory, and its application to on-ground conservation in a real world situation. Through an ARC Linkage funded project we are working with the Gondwana Link Ltd, The Nature Conservancy, The Wilderness Society, Greening Australia and Bush Heritage Australia to develop and apply prioritization approaches that accounts for the diversity of land use, threats and significant ecological values of the south west corner of Western Australia.

Funding Sources: 

This project is funded through an ARC Linkage Grant (LP0883616 - Spatial prioritization in the context of climate change and unforeseen opportunities: maximizing conservation outcomes in Gondwana Link).