Volunteer Details: 

I am a Marine Biologist here in Australia on a working visa from the UK here until late November. I am looking to help or participate in a research project whilst here if at all possible. I have a Bsc(Hons) in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology and an MSc in Marine System Science. I am a PADI openwater diver and have always had a passion and interest in the marine environment, particularly cetacean science and how climate change and anthropogenic factors are/will affect the oceans.


For the last 5 years I have specialised into the research of cetaceans, working for two of the leading cetacean conservation charities in the UK; Sea Watch Foundation and ORCA (Organisation Cetacea). This started after I completed my degrees and became a Wildlife Officer on board ferries that transverse the Bay of Biscay, Europe conducting line transect surveys whilst being a guide for passengers travelling on board. Following this I spent almost a year as a research assistant for Sea Watch Foundation in the UK, conducting distance sampling surveys on small boats for up to 14hrs at a time. On these I conducted photo-ID using DSLR camera and behavioural assessments using a drone and both towed/handheld hydrophones.  I undertook analysis of photos using the program ‘extract compare’ and undertook land surveys using a digiscope and theodolite. Most recently I was Data Officer at the whale and dolphin charity ‘ORCA’ for 18 months. Here I carried out detailed analysis of their line transect survey data using ArcGIS and created the first two ‘The State of European Cetaceans ‘ reports. I helped create and utilise their electronic data capture system using Logger 2010 and Microsoft Access on Microsoft Surfaces using USB GPS devices. I also team led line transect surveys across Europe utilising both ferry and cruise ships.


My skills lie in data analysis using ArcGIS and Microsoft office, scientific communication through talking to people personally, informative presentations or written publications/posters. I thoroughly enjoy solving problems and love being on, in or around the sea. I am an advocate for the marine environment and very passionate about working with it and to help conserve it through research and citizen science. If possible I would like to broaden my field of expertise and utilise my skills whilst I am here in Australia.

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Katrina Gillett
Volunteer Location: 
I am currently based on the Sunshine Coast until the end of June 2018, and then more than happy to relocate anywhere within Australia,