Full Project Title: 
Relative abundance of Elds Deer and free roaming dogs in three forest types in Siem Pang, Cambodia
Project Summary: 

This projects aims to determine (1) if the abundance of Eld’s deer (Rucervus eldii) and other wildlife species differs between forest types in Western Siem Pang, Cambodia and (2) if the abundance of Eld’s deer and other prey is negatively affected by free roaming domestic dogs within forest types. Each forest type will be sampled by three arrays of camera traps in the dry season over three years. The abundance of a species at a site is quantified by spatial sight-mark-and resight by the camera trap array. These data will be used to develop improved strategies for conserving Eld’s deer and other wildlife species in the Siem Pang forest reserve. The data will specfically inform local biodiversity managers to decide if free ranging domestic dogs should managed in biodiversity reserves or not. If you are interested in doing a postgraduate research project within this project, please email luke.leung@uq.edu.au