Full Project Title: 
How do decisions by stakeholders affect weed distribution at a landscape scale?
Project Summary: 

Some of Australia's worst weeds exist on private land where control of damaging invasive plants is undertaken by multiple independent decision makers, each managing only a small part of the total invasion. Thus, each land manager's decisions have the potential to affect invasion risk for the rest of the community and human motivations and behaviour become important drivers of invasion dynamics. This project aims to improve weed control at the landscape scale by enhancing the efficacy and adoption of existing control measures. This two year project is jointly funded by RIRDC in the first year and CEED in the second year. In the first year, we aim to interview stakeholders to see if and how they control weeds and what are the motivations for doing so, and this has also been aimed at multiple agricultural weeds located nationwide – Branched Broomrape, Chilean needle grass, Parthenium and Serrated tussock. The remainder of this project will involve the development of a game theory model to discover how economic and social aspects of weed management, along with ecological limitations, change the distribution and landscape wide impact of these (Photo: North Coast Weeds Adv Com) weeds. Project outcomes will be an increased understanding of the affects these economic and social drivers have on individual weed managers and how these motivations interact with the ecology and impact of the weed.

Funding Sources: 

This project is funded through a Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation Grant as part of the National Weeds and Productivity Research Program (Project 006998 - How do decisions by stakeholders affect weed distribution at a landscape scale?)




  • Project Collaborators

    Assoc Prof Yvonne Buckley

    Principal Investigator
    School of Biological Sciences/CSIRO
    The University of Queensland

    Dr Shaun Coutts

    Post-doctoral Researcher
    School of Biological Sciences
    The University of Queensland

    W/Prof David Pannell 

    School of Agricultural and Resource Economics                        
    University of Western Australia 

    Dr Jonathan Rhodes 

    School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management
    The University of Queensland

  • Industry Partners