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ARC Future Fellow / Head of School of Biological Sciences
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My research broadly focuses on how plant and insect communities reassemble, persist and function following human land-use change. My work involves the development of community ecological theory, and meta-analyses and field studies on plant functional diversity. As well, research in my lab focuses on macadamia-dominated agricultural landscapes in New South Wales where we are studying how the structure of agricultural landscapes impacts crop pollination and native bio-pest control agents. I am working to advance ecological and evolutionary knowledge of direct use for plant community restoration.

Mayfield Community Ecology Lab

Demographic response and life history of traditional forest resource tree species in a tropical mosaic landscape in Papua New Guinea
Stability of pollination services decreases with isolation from natural areas despite honey bee visits
Rethinking community assembly through the lens of coexistence theory
Non-tree plant species and functional diversity in the degraded wet tropical forests of Kolombangara Island, Solomon Islands
Assessing rainforest restoration: The value of buffer strips for the recovery of rainforest remnants in Australia’s wet tropics