Full Project Title: 
South East Queensland Climate Change Adaptation
Project Summary: 

As part of the CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship, we are developing novel approaches to integrate information on the vulnerability of key habitat types and species to climate change, urban development and other threats, and identify priority locations for conservation investment to maximise the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in South East Queensland. Specifically, we are accounting for climate change impacts in planning analyses. For example, we have evaluated how land use plans to maximize biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service outcomes should be adapted to account for the risks and uncertainties associated with the impacts of climate change (e.g. due to sea level rise, vulnerabilities of key habitat types and species to climatic change, and changes in land use patterns due to climate change). This is a multiple organization project involving scientists from CSIRO, Griffith University and Sunshine Coast University.

Funding Sources: 

The project is funded through a Queensland Smart State Innovation Fund research grant, CSIRO Collaboration Fund Cluster Project, and funding from the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change.