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Volunteer work
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Volunteering Solutions offers a series of exciting and affordable summer volunteering projects abroad, in 6 exotic locations spanning over Asia and Africa. Enjoy a set of tailor-made volunteer and travel programs, specially designed for high school/ college students, gap year travelers and budget backpackers. Enjoy the bliss of living like a local, immerse in the native culture, go for challenging treks, learn a new language, and experience a series of exciting adventure activities during this period of 3 / 4 weeks - and this will surely turn out to be one of the best journeys of your life!


The summer programs in 2018 are available in India, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Ghana. Considered as the best-planned tours, these programs will let you get closer to the lives of the natives, peep into their houses, taste their food and make a difference to their lives with your volunteer service. You can choose to travel to any of these 6 fascinating countries and serve the society in whichever way you can.


Meet like-minded people from different parts of the world, widen your social network, polish your existing skills and acquire some new ones - and you shall surely turn to be a better person by the end of this journey.


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Matthew Wilson
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