Full Project Title: 
Optimising tree systems for rehabilitation of degraded land
Project Summary: 

There is much interest in designing tree systems that restore degraded landscapes, sequester carbon, improve soil fertility and provide other ecosystem services. Fast-growing exotic trees in monoculture are often favoured over native, multispecies tree plantations and secondary forests. We study plantation design and forests for best outcomes including productivity, soil fertility and carbon sequestration. Ecological questions on niche differentiation and complementarity are addressed with empirical research and modeling. This project links researchers in Australia, Vietnam and Brazil. Current research is examining soil biology to determine impediments to forest establishment.

Funding Sources: 

This project is funded through the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and Australian Centre of International Agriculture Research (ACIAR).

  • Project Collaborators

    Prof Susanne Schmidtsusanne.schmidt@uq.edu.au 

    School of Agriculture and Food Science
    The University of Queensland

    Dr Phan Minh Sang sang.phan@sri.org.vn 

    Silviculture Research Division
    Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences
    Đông Ngạc, Từ Liêm, Hà Nội

    Dr Ilyas Siddiqueilyas.s@ufsc.br 

    Professor Adjunto em Agroecossistemas
    Dep. de Fitotecnia - Centro de Ciências Agrárias 
    Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Rod. Admar Gonzaga, No. 1346;  Itacorubi Florianópolis - SC - CEP 88034-001 BRASIL 

  • Postgraduate Students
  • Publications

    Phan Minh, S; Lamb, D; Bonner, M; Schmidt, S (2013) Carbon sequestration and soil fertility of tropical tree plantations and secondary forest established on degraded land. Plant and Soil, 362: 187–200.

    Bonner, MTL; Schmidt, S; Shoo, LP (2013) A meta-analytical global comparison of aboveground biomass accumulation between tropical secondary forests and monoculture plantations. Forest Ecology and Management, 291: 73–86.

    Richards, AE; Schmidt, S (2010) Complementary resource use by tree species in a rain forest tree plantation. Ecological Applications 20(5); 1237–1254.

    Siddique, I; Vierira, ICG; Schmidt, S; Lamb, D; Carvalho, CJR; Figueiredo, RO; Blomberg, S; Davidson, EA (2010) Short lived fertilization response during tropical forest regrowth delays increase in tree species diversity. Ecology 91(7), 2121–2131.

    Richards, AE; Dalal, RC; Schmidt, S (2009) Soil carbon turnover and sequestration in native subtropical tree plantations. Australian Journal for Soil Research, 47: 341–350.

    Siddique, I; Lex Engel, V; Parrotta, JA; Lamb, D; Nardoto, GB; Ometto, J; Martinelli, LA; Schmidt, S (2008) Dominance of legume trees alters nutrient relations in mixed species forest restoration plantings within seven years. Biogeochemistry, 88: 89–101.


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