Postgraduate Research in Ecology

Postgraduate degrees (PhD) in ecology will most commonly be granted by the Faculty of Science. Official requirements for applying to the postgraduate programs offered by the Faculty of Science at The University of Queensland are posted on the following website:

Though there are official requirements for applying and being accepted into a postgraduate program involving ecological research (such as Science or Environmental Management) at UQ  the first step for any potential applicant is to identify and acquire support from a currently active academic member of the Ecology Centre. To do this, please visit the “People” page of the Ecology Centre website and identify individual academic members whose research interests you. Once you have selected one or several such academics, contact each of these individuals with the following information:

  • A simple cover letter introducing yourself and explaining specifically why you are interested in pursuing your PhD with them. The more specific you can be about what aspects of their research interests you, the more likely you are to get a positive response. The cover letter can be in the body of an e-mail, it need not be a separate file. 
  • A copy of your academic CV. This CV should make it clear what degrees you have completed, your average grade point for your entire degree, relevant work or volunteer experience, publications you are an author on and any conferences you have attended.  

At this initial contact stage refrain from sending lengthy proposals, transcripts or other details, if the person is interested in you they will ask for these things later.  

TIPS: You are unlikely to receive a positive response if you send a very general form letter to people that shows that you have not specifically investigated their research. Specific knowledge of the work done by your potential supervisor is the best way to show how serious you are about working in a given lab group and with a particular supervisor.  

Once you have received a positive response from a potential supervisor, that person will help direct you through the official application process. You can read through the details of this official process on the official UQ Graduate School website.

NOTE: the official graduate school process includes submitting an “expression of interest” form. Please contact potential supervisors with the above information in addition to this form.