Featured Recent Publications

(Ecology Centre member names are in bold, students and postdocs are in italics.)

Brearley, G; Rhodes, J; Bradley, A; Baxter, G; Seabrook, L; Lunney, D; Liu, Y; McAlpine, C (2013) Wildlife disease prevalence in human-modified landscapes. Biological Reviews, 88 (2):427-442.

Iwamura, T; Possingham, HP; Chades, I; Minton, C; Murray, NJ; Roers, DI; Treml, EA; Fuller RA (2013) Migratory connectivity magnifies the consequences of habitat loss from sea-level rise for shorebird populations. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 280 (1761): 10.1098.

Hahn, MA; Buckley, YM; Muller-Scharer, H (2012) Increased population growth rate in invasive polyploidy Centaurea stoebe in a common garden. Ecology Letters, 15 (9): 947-954.

Halpern, BS; Klein, CJ; Brown, CJ; Beger, M; Grantham, HS; Mangubhai, S; Ruckelshaus, M; Tulloch, VJ; Watts, M; White, C; Possingham, HP (2013) Achieving the triple bottom line in the face of inherent trade-offs among social equity, economic return, and conservation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110 (15): 6229-6234.

Harnik, PG, Lotze, HK; Anderson, SC; Finkel, ZV; Finnegan, S; Lindberg, DR; Liow, LH; Lockwood, R; McClain, CR; McGuire, JL; O'Dea, A; Pandolfi, JM; Simpson, C; Tittensor DP (2012) Extinctions in ancient and modern seas. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 27 (11): 608-617.

Poloczanska, ES; Brown, CJ; Sydeman, WJ; Kiessling, W; Schoeman, DS; Moore, PJ; Brander, K; Bruno, JF; Buckley, LB; Burrows, MT; Duarte, CM; Halpern, BS; Holding, J; Kappel, CV; O'Connor, MI; Pandolfi, JM; Parmesan, C; Schwing, F; Thompson, SA; Richardson, AJ (2013) Global imprint of climate change on marine life. Nature Climate Change: doi:10.1038/nclimate1958

Seebacher, F; Franklin, CE (2012) Determining environmental causes of biological effects: the need for a mechanistic physiological dimension in conservation biology Introduction. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 367 (1596): 1607-1614.

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